Profit coaches to grow your business.

Husband and Wife Duo.   Business Profit Consultants.

Want-to-be Golfers. Travel Tragics.

And your not-so-traditional Certified Practising  Accountants
(that’s CPA in accountant lingo).

profit consulting the watersons

With oodles of experience in growth and profit consulting here’s what we like


helping people take control of their businesses 


helping people create more income 


helping people create more profit… Intelligently (AKA the fastlane, minus the through-the-roof expenses) 


helping people become more time efficient 


and, most importantly, inspiring them to ask this golden nugget question: “how can this get even better?”

Here’s what we don’t like:  





the stereotype of “scary” that come with “numbers” and


seeing business owners work *SO* hard to meet that revenue goal, but then feeling the financial stab to the chest when they realise they made little to zero profit.

Husband and Wife Duo. Business Profit Strategizers.

Want-to-be Golfers. Travel Tragics.

And your not-so-traditional Certified Practising  Accountants
(that’s CPA in accountant lingo).

profit consulting jen waterson

While yes, we are profit consultants and CPA’s with over 36 years combined experience, the reason why we feel so passionate about simplifying numbers for business owners is because we know exactly what it’s like to own a business.

The “a million things to juggle”.

The overwhelm. The what-if’s. 

We get it,

because we too have owned businesses.

For 12 years in fact.

But it wasn’t all happy profit days. In fact, it used to be a massive time suck with mediocre profits until we turned it 360 degrees.


We’re humbly proud to say it is not only Highly Profitable but gives us the ability to take 6 weeks a year away from the business;



and spending precious family time with our loved ones.

We don’t say this though, to brag.

We say this because we firmly believe with a helping hand from our profit consulting you can have this too –

more profit and more time. 

growth and profit consulting
profit coach

We’ve dissected hundreds of financial statements, diagnosed areas that sadly drain a business’s profitability, and helped businesses, like yours, identify missed doors of opportunities

to create sustainability, scalability and profitability.

On autopilot.

In short.

We know what works.

But we also know what doesn’t.

Which brings us here


To our mission. 

To show business owners, like you, how to ADD control of your numbers, MINUS the overwhelm, so you can MULTIPLY your confidence, cashflow, scalability and profit.
For good.

profit consultant and coach

Because we don’t believe these strategies should be reserved for those who can afford their own internal finance team.

Nor do we believe profiting from your business should be something that is out of reach and overwhelming.

Want to know how profit consulting can help you make it happen?

profit consulting australia


we take a look at the key ingredients you need to shift your business to the next level;


we show you the way.  That way? Well, we follow this I.M.P.A.C.T roadmap (together of course).

profit coaching australia
business profit consulting

and in the end,

Financial freedom - your way.  

So. Are you ready to join us and give your profit a level UP?